17 Nov 2021

BJP Conducted Training for Posyandu Cadre

Jepara,  21st October 2021 – PT Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”), jointly with The Health Agency of Jepara (hereinafter “DKK Jepara”), conducted the Cadre Training Program for Integrated Healthcare Centre (“Posyandu”) at Tubanan Village Hall. The purposes of this program are (i) to develop the competency of Posyandu cadre in children and pregnant women handling and (ii) to support Jepara Government in the stunting prevention program. Stunting is prevention of children's growth due to poor nutrition, repeated infections, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation so that the child's physical condition is not sufficient than the median standard of child growth.

This Program was conducted in 1 (one) day and participated by representative of 17 Posyandu cadre who came from 7 Posyandu group in Tubanan Village. All participants strictly followed COVID-19 health protocol such as the usage of mask properly and keep physical distance during training. Prior to this Posyandu cadre training, BJP also continued to support several Posyandu surround the Tanjung Jati B Power Complex. One of them is the Punjulrejo Posyandu located in Tubanan, which BJP has provided some health equipment and periodically monitor the Posyandu activities.

Mrs. Ari Mugiyati, representative of DKK Jepara in her speech, conveyed her gratitude to BJP and explained to all participants that this program may improve the knowledge of health services for pregnant women and children in Posyandu. 

Mr. Handoko Agung Prabowo, CSR Leader of BJP, expressed his hope that all of the cadres could complete the training session to increase their competency. He also conveyed some of information that BJP is committed to support health programs, especially Posyandu activities because this program is a part of the BJP CSR pillar to improve community health service and  in-line with the government programs  In prevention of stunting.

BJP continuously support this Program in several villages surround of Tanjung Jati B Power Complex.