01 Apr 2020

BJP Support Adiwiyata Program in SDN 1 Kaliaman

Jepara, 5th March 2020 – PT. Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”) has started initial program for development of "Adiwiyata School" through donation of Eco-Friendly Facilities to SDN 1 Kaliaman, Kembang Sub-district, Jepara Regency. BJP has donated 6 set of waste bin for sortied collection and the posters of environmental awareness. This activity is also intended to support SDN 1 Kaliaman to compete in Adiwiyata School competition in Central Java Province, while SDN 1 Kaliaman had obtained the award of Adiwiyata School at Jepara Regency in 2019.

Adiwiyata School Program is the program initiated by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia (“MoF”) to encourage environment awareness in regard to reducing and eliminating the impact of climate change in school level. To increase school participation in Adiwiyata School Program, the MoF provide rewards for the school that showed remarkable achievements in each government level, which means regency, province and national level, and the highest is independent level.

Mr. Ari Wibawa as CSR Manager of BJP said “This donation is commitment of the company to support the surrounding community to preserve the environment. This program is one of the sustainable CSR program, which forms the pillar of Education and Environment mentioned in our CSR master plan”.

The representative of SDN 1 Kaliaman, Mr. Purwanto appreciated the company’s commitment to support the school. He hoped that the donation would encourage all the students to be more aware of environmental condition and start to take care of it as well as the environment in school become cleaner and more healthy. BJP and SDN 1 Kaliaman plan to continuously implement this kind of activities toward the award in Adiwiyata School Program in the Province.

BJP strives to continue CSR program for the school in surrounding the power plant, which will focus on not only improvement of school facility but also development of the teachers and students in knowledge and skill, such as personal hygiene training and waste recycle training.