23 Jun 2020

Catfish Harvest in Communal Cow Farm Program

Jepara, 4th June 2020 PT Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”) attended the ceremonial event for 1st harvest of catfish cultivation held by Ternak Makmur Bhumi Jaya (hereinafter “TMB Jaya”) at Sekuping sub-village, Tubanan village,  as a one of event in Communal Cow Farm Program (hereinafter the “Program”).

This Program is one of the sustainable CSR programs of BJP, which has been officially commenced since February 2020. In this Program, the members of TMB Jaya, which is a group consists of 20 villagers in Sekuping sub-village for this Program, are implementing an integrated livestock management with the various fields, such as cows breeding, organic farming, catfish culturing, and organic fertilizer and biogas production. Organic fertilizer is produced from cow dung through fermentation process in biodigester, which is used for cultivation of organic vegetable at the farm in the Program as well as sales to local market. In addition, this fermentation process produces gas, which can be used as fuel for gas stove.

Catfish is also cultivated by feeding bio-slurry produced through fermentation process. This activity has been starting in March 2020 and total 5,000 catfishes have been filled into 5 fish ponds (1,000 catfishes / pond). Then, through 3-month cultivation period, catfishes have grown enough to be harvested. As the first batch, 38 kgs out of 100 kgs catfishes in the 1st fish pond have been harvested in this event. TMB Jaya predicts that potential weight of catfish in 5 fish ponds will reach to approximately 500 kgs, while all of the catfishes in 1st fish pond have already been sold to surround villagers and local food stalls. The high demand from local market shows that the catfish cultivation has considerable opportunities to increase the income of the members in TMB Jaya, and feature other products also, such as organic fertilizers, organic vegetables and cows. 

Mr. Ari Wibawa, CSR Manager of BJP stated his appreciation in the event that “Finally, the catfish harvest has been started successfully. I hope that all of the other programs, such as organic farming, fertilizer and biogas production, will also achieve its milestones and give economic contribution not only to the members of TMB Jaya but also to surrounding community”. Mr. Mufid as a representative of TMB Jaya conveyed his gratitude to BJP and pleasure that catfish has been successfully cultivated with good quality. He also mentioned that the products should be accepted by local market in Tubanan village.  

BJP will continuously support this Program to develop and establish the sustainable operation system together with all the members in TMB Jaya.