30 Mar 2020

Communal Cow Farm Program, as an Integrated Farming formed by BJP

Jepara, 21st February 2020 – PT Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”) conducted ceremonial event for the commencement of Communal Cow Farm operation at Sekuping Sub Village, Tubanan Village.

Communal Cow Farm Program (hereinafter “Program”) is one of the sustainable CSR programs formed by BJP, in collaboration with the consulting company Bina Swadaya Konsultan (hereinafter “BSK”), to integrate livestock management with the other fields, such as organic farming, catfish culturing, and fertilizer and biogas production. In total, 20 villagers from Sekuping Sub Village participate in this Program with 30 cows and maintain Communal Cow Farm together.

To operate the Communal Cow Farm, the 20 villagers have, under supervision by BSK, already formed their own livestock group namely Ternak Makmur Bhumi Jaya (hereinafter “TMB Jaya”). TMB Jaya has obligation to manage the Program in general including cow feeding, cow health monitoring, biodigester utilization, organic farming, catfish feeding, and derivative product marketing.

Mr. Basuki Rekso Buono, GM HRGA&CSR of BJP, conveyed his pleasure in his speech that the operation of the Communal Cow Farm had officially been started. He emphasized that BJP aimed to develop the Program as sustainable CSR program and the key point is how to increase the competency of the villagers through involvement in this Program, which was totally different from the donation or charity. He hoped that all the villagers involved in this Program can actively participate and give maximal contribution to this Program as well as economic development in Sekuping Sub Village on long-term basis.

On the other hand, Mr. Mufid representing TMB Jaya conveyed his gratitude to BJP that the sustainable CSR program can be started for Sekuping villagers.

BJP intend to support this Program for at least 1 year, develop and establish the effective and sustainable operational system together with BSK and all the members in TMB Jaya.