02 Jun 2021

Organic Watermelon has been harvested

Jepara, 4th April 2021 – Bhumi Agri Group (hereinafter “Bhumi Agri”), which is one of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (hereinafter “SME”) fostered by PT. Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”), has successfully harvested first-time organic watermelon.

Bhumi Agri is the SME which consists of 7 villagers in Kaliaman and Tubanan village, Jepara and runs the organic cultivation business for fruits such as papaya and watermelon. They have started the cultivation activity in November 2020 and planted total 750 seeds for papaya and 1,480 seeds for watermelon. BJP has supported their activities through provisions of seeds and organic fertilizers. Especially, organic fertilizers produced by another BJP’s fostered SME, namely Ternak Makmur Bhumi Jaya (hereinafter “TMB Jaya”) were provided.

1st batch of watermelon have grown enough to be harvested after 70 days after planting, which is approximately 20 days earlier than standard harvest period, and total 26.6 tons of watermelon have been harvested in April 2021, which substantially exceed the original target 20 tons. The watermelon has been sold to fruit sellers in Jepara, Kudus, Pati and Demak.

Mr. Tursiman as the Chairman of Bhumi Agri said “We are happy to get the harvest more than the target during such short period. This is the result from a combination of various factors, such as weather conditions, quality of seeds and fertile soil, but we believe that the usage of organic fertilizers provided by BJP has contributed a lot to this success. We expect that papaya cultivation also achieve good outcome after 8 to 9 months growing period.”

Mr. Ari Wibawa, CSR Manager of BJP stated his appreciation in this program “The agriculture which use organic fertilizer is helpful to maintain the soil fertility and has a huge potential market. We expect that our fostered SMEs are able to expand their business continuously, and the organic agriculture system widely spread other farmer groups in overall Jepara.”

BJP continuously foster SMEs in the surrounding area of Tanjung Jati B Unit 5&6. In this field, organic fertilizers produced by TMB Jaya may be a key item to support SMEs engaged in agriculture and develop organic agriculture in Jepara, so we strive to utilize this fertilizer to our CSR programs as well as expand the sales.