17 Dec 2019

Sewing Training Program has been Launched

Jepara,  2nd  December   2019 – PT. Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”), jointly with Pusat Kegiatan Bersama Masyarakat Puna Kawan (PKBM) and the Cooperation, SMEs, Manpower and Transmigration Agency of Jepara Regency (hereinafter “Disnaker Jepara”), conducted the opening ceremony of Sewing Training Program at Tubanan Village Hall.

This program is the second CSR training program following Welding Training Program conducted from May to July 2019. As with the previous program, this program is planned to be conducted in 2 batches, and total 30 trainees who come from Tubanan, Kaliaman and Bondo villages, will participate and receive 200 hours training during 20 days under the curriculum arranged by Disnaker Jepara.

Mr. Eriza, Head of Disnaker Jepara, in his speech, conveyed his gratitude to BJP and explained to all participants that this program was adopted the new training scheme which was programmed not only to develop sewing skills and knowledges but also to encourage entrepreneurship of trainees through implementation of motivation seminar. Also, he expressed his expectation to continually develop training programs collaboratively with BJP.

Mr. Ari Wibawa, CSR Manager of BJP, commented “I am very glad that we can hold the second training program. We expect that all of trainees can capitalize on the skills by working in the field of garment industry. Actually, demand of manpower in garment industry is very high, especially in Mayong village. In addition, thanks to the Internet, the market of homemade industry is open for everyone and it is getting easier to become a business owner nowadays. I hope that all of trainees can complete the training sessions well so as to develop their competency and this training can be beneficial for them.”

BJP will continue this kind of CSR activities to contribute to development of local community.