05 Nov 2021

Achieved Unit 5 Initial Synchronization

Jepara, 5th November 2021 – PT. Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”) as the project company of Tanjung Jati B Unit 5 & 6 Project (hereinafter the “Project”) is pleased to announce that the initial synchronization of Unit 5 was successfully achieved at 10:00 on 28th October 2021.

Initial synchronization is the one of the most important major milestones for the Project which took a long and challenging journey to achieve. Thanks to various support by PT. PLN and tremendous efforts by our EPC contractors and all concerned parties engaged in the Project, we could safely achieve this milestone in the agreed time line. Although the achievement of initial synchronization has been delayed more than a year from the original schedule due to effect of COVID-19 pandemic, now commissioning progress has been reached 60% and will continue the hot commissioning towards the next milestone “Unit 5 COD” as scheduled.

Site Project Manager of BJP, Mr. Hadi, with a sense of pride in this achievement, commented “Congratulation for Unit 5 Initial Synchronization! It is our happiness we reach today achievement during this 20-month difficult situation amid pandemic Covid19 and it is clear for every one that this achievement is the evident of our confident working together collaboratively to strengthen us to move forward the Project in dynamic stage of hot commissioning for next achievement Unit COD.”