05 May 2019

Generator Transformer for Unit 5 was Successfully on Base

Jepara, 5th May 2019 – PT Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”) was pleased to announce that a generator transformer for Tanjung Jati B Unit 5 was successfully on base on 5th May, 2019. The 1,200 MVA transformer manufactured by Toshiba has been placed on the transformer yard nearby a steam turbine building.

This transformer is one of the biggest facilities in the power plant, weighing as heavy as 672,000 kg. During operation, this giant facility will play important roles which are (1) step-up of the generated voltage to 525kv from generator output voltage of 26kV and (2) step-down of the back-fed power while the plant is stopped or starting-up.

Site Project Manager of BJP, Mr. Hadi Suwasono commented “It is one of the good things to indicate that the Project execution is on the right track up to date, and giving us confidence to overcome any challenging situation onward.”

We will continue to closely monitor the progress of construction toward the completion of power plant planned in 2021.