15 May 2019

Tanjung Jati B Unit 5 & 6 (JAWA 4) Project Achieved 15 Million Manhours without Lost Time Injury

Jepara, 15th May 2019 - A safe working environment is one of the highest priorities in Tanjung Jati B Unit 5 & 6 Project (hereinafter the “Project”), PT Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”) is extremely proud to achieve 15 million manhours without Lost Time Injury (LTI)* on 26th April 2019. This marked as an important milestone in efforts towards strengthening safety culture in the Project.

This milestone has been achieved as a result of the good teamwork between BJP as the project company, Joint Operation of Sumitomo Corporation and PT Wasa Mitra Engineering (JOSW) as the EPC contractor, and all other contractors involved in the Project.

To celebrate this achievement of milestone, the EPC contractor in coordination with BJP has conducted a celebration ceremony on 15th May 2019 at Sekuro Village, Jepara. Mr. Hadi Suwasono as Site Project Manager of BJP said in his speech that this achievement was one of the most remarkable milestones. BJP’s grateful to all parties for their cooperation and contribution to the success of this achievement. Mr. Hadi Suwasono also said that in accordance with the theme "Everyone Goes Home Safely Everyday", it was hoped that all parties would maintain vigilance during the construction of power plant.

On this occasion, President Director of BJP, Mr. Shinji Yokota also gave recognition plaques to all companies involved in this achievement of milestone.

Our health, safety and environment (hereinafter “HSE”) activities have been focusing on the development of HSE culture on site as well as the development of human resources and its skills in all parties involved. This achievement demonstrates our effort and commitment to be an HSE driven project.

* Lost Time Injury (LTI) means any work-related injury which renders the injured person temporarily unable to perform any regular job or restricted work on any day/shift after the day on which the injury occurred.