TJB 5&6 will be constructed adjacent to the existing units 1 to 4, in Tubanan village, Kembang sub-district, Jepara Regency, northern Central Java, as illustrated in Figure 1. After investigation of numerous alternatives, the expansion alternative was selected due to the characteristics of sea depth and sea current stability, coal availability at competitive prices, well-developed infrastructure and the relatively easiness to intake seawater.

For this expansion project, the Project sponsors Sumitomo Corporation, The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. and PT United Tractors, Tbk have established the Project Company, PT Bhumi Jati Power, which will own the plant. Power purchase agreement has been executed between PT Bhumi Jati Power and PLN, Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company.

Figure 1. Tanjung Jati B Location

TJB 5&6 will have a net capacity of 2 x 1,000MW and will be fueled with Indonesian sub-bituminous coal from Kalimantan.

Apart from the electricity generating plant, new ancillary infrastructure will be built to guarantee stable operation of the two new units. As shown in Figure 2, a new coal unloading jetty and seawater intake system will also be constructed.

Coal will be transported by vessels to the coal unloading jetty, which will be equipped with two ship unloaders and coal conveyor that will transport the coal to the coal yard. The coal yard has a capacity for 45 days operation (at capacity factor of 80%).

The coal is then transported through conveyors to the power plant, where it will be combusted to produce energy to spin a turbine connected to a generator. The turbine needs to be cooled down continuously in order for the generator to produce electricity with high efficiencies; this will be performed by circulating seawater which will be pumped in through seawater intakes.