05 May 2021

Achieved Unit 5 Boiler Initial Firing

Jepara, 28th April 2021 – PT. Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”) as the project company of Tanjung Jati B Unit 5 & 6 Project (hereinafter the “Project”) was pleased to announce that the initial firing of Unit 5 boiler was achieved successfully.

Initial firing was one of the major milestones of commissioning activity. EPC contractors and BJP have well confirmed the safety issue prior to start hot commissioning. Although there has been a delay mainly due to effect of COVID-19 pandemic, now commissioning progress has been reached 50% and will continue the hot commissioning towards the next major milestone of initial synchronization. 

Site Project Manager of BJP, Mr. Hadi, with a sense of pride in this achievement, commented “Initial firing was one of Project major milestone achievements in this Q2 2021, the “flame” of Boiler Initial Firing represents our motivation, power, and transformation spirit which giving enthusiasm for everyone to continue our collaborative effort for the next milestone achievement. The Project is now coming to the stage of proceeding busy period, hot commissioning for Unit 5”.